What is mead?

Put simply, mead is alcohol made from honey, and It’s widely recognized as the oldest alcohol in the world, but beyond that, mead varies greatly.

Since mead is made from honey, you may assume that it’s always sweet, but mead ranges from bone-dry to dessert-sweet. It can be carbonated, light, and low alcohol, or it can be full-bodied, dark, and contain over 15% alcohol.

So what mead is goes beyond the simple fact that it contains booze and honey. Mead might just be the most versatile alcoholic beverage there is, and certainly the one with the longest history.

Drink Mead. Save Bees.

Honeybees are pollinators that play an essential role in our ecosystem. Without them - there’s no food. It’s a small part of what drives our fascination with them. Honeybees are shockingly organized, excellent communicators, and work together in harmony worldwide to do their daily work, and the world continues to thrive. The problem is, honeybees haven’t been doing so well. Nobody really knows why CCD (colony collapse disorder) is on the rise, but we do know that being an ally to the little fuzzies feels like doing the right thing. So we became bee-keepers, and then we became mead-makers. Now, a portion of our profits gets invested into our small apiary, where we play a small part in giving honeybees a home, and improve awareness in our local community.

Our Approach
to Mead

We feel that great ingredients already have the magic within them, and it’s our job to help them shine to their fullest. We source the best fruit, spices, and botanicals we can find, and carefully fashion our line of diverse meads that range from bold to refreshing.
  • Local Honey
  • Locally sourced whenever possible
  • No synthetic flavors or or coloring
  • Gluten Free
  • RO Filtered Water