Top 4 Reasons to attend
Yoga Mead Up on June 26th
(or buy your ticket here!)
Tickets: $40
1. A True Expert Instructor
Meghan has taught over 2,000 classes all over the country and we’re so lucky to have her here in Chattanooga. Her energy, attentiveness, and knowledge are second to none. Even our experienced yogis have commented on the special touch she adds to the class. Don’t take our word for it. Come see for yourself!
Meghan Barnard smiling on the beach.
2. Food and drink is included
At just $40 you get a lot. Everything is included when you get here. You wont see prices. You wont see a check. You just get what you want. Place an order for any glass of mead or Yoga Mead Up cocktail, and pair it with your favorite plate from our special Yoga Brunch Menu.
A set table with a glass of mead, bottle, and decorative plants.
3. Make New Friends
Countless new friends have been made so far. The food and drink after class is perfect for hanging out and making new connections. That makes all the future classes even more fun! They do happen every month, so you’ll see everyone again soon.
Group of nine women smiling around a dinner table.
4. Live music after yoga
Leah and Joseph Fain played at our grand opening and their energy and vibe is undeniable. Always fun, always brilliant. We’re excited to add them to this months programming for yoga brunch. Your class will end at 10:30am and they’ll go live at 11.
Leah and Joseph Fain playing guitars and singing at Flora de Mel.
Hear it from the Class
“Meghan has helped me discover a love for yoga, and set me on my way to a true practice. Her meditative words calm my frantic mind and bring my focus where it should be.”
“Her enthusiasm and artistic soul is infectious. She has taken me on an amazing journey and i’m so happy with the progress in my yoga practice and my overall heath.
“Meghan’s flows are rhythmic and challenging. Her love for each person that comes to their mat is evident as she welcomes, encourages and guides her students.”
Get Your Spot!
We’d love for you all to come, but we’ve limited attendance to 20 people to maintain the quality of your class. Get your tickets now and secure your spot!
Tickets: $40